[How to choose 芡实 _ some kind of 芡实 is best]

[How to choose 芡实 _ some kind of 芡实 is best]

Many people prefer to eat glutinous rice, and use it with red bean glutinous rice flour porridge, which has a very good effect of conditioning the body. Usually, when you buy glutinous rice, you must learn to choose, in a way, it depends on its color and it depends on itsIs the granule full? Smell it through the nose to see if it smells of sulfur processing, etc. In addition, if you have been bitten by a crushed insect, try not to buy it.

It is very good for the body to choose some good coriander to eat, especially it is very effective in invigorating the spleen and stomach.

The best type of tang shi is also called chicken head rice, which is called “water ginseng” because of its high value.

The edible tangs are generally dry products. These dry products are similarly bought in pharmacies and grain areas.

Fresh loquat has shells. When we cook porridge, it is best to remove the shells because the shells are astringent.

So what should I choose?

First look at the color.

The slightly better solids are white and bright in color, round in shape without breakage and adhered to powdery grains, and are generally waxy in size. Some solids have white appearance but insufficient gloss, which is substantially longer in obstruction.

It should be noted that the amount is a yellow solid, which may be stale, and its width is also stubborn.

First, look at the solid shape.

The high-quality 芡 solid particles are round and uniform in size.

Moreover, bite the tongue with a bite.

The non-drying loquat is prone to mildew. To determine if it is dry, it can be fixed by mouth bite. The tooth bite is crispy and brittle and dry, and it still contains water.

Finally, smell the scent with your nose.

If you smell a sulphur smell, it may be processed after the worms.

It should not be bought.

The effect and effect of Zhishi is similar to that of lotus seeds.

It mainly has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, stopping the bands and stopping diarrhea.

Better astringency than lotus seeds.

Can be used alone for porridge or ground, Jiantang service.

Often used with lotus seeds, “Xian Fang takes this lotus lotus bait, it is very beneficial.

“Gufang Shui Lu Dan used this product to study the end, boil the golden cherries to take juice and pills, to cure kidney qi instability, frequent urination and take-down, quite suitable for medical practitioners.

Buzhong Yiqi is a kind of nourishing and strong food. It is similar to lotus seeds, but it is suitable for chronic diarrhea and frequent urination, and women have more waist acid.

Weak pediatric enuresis, elderly urination frequency.

15 grams, 12 grams of golden cherry, Cuscuta chinensis, 9 grams each of psyllium, decoction.

The frequency of urination is autumn stone, white Poria, Poria, lotus seed each two or two.

Add steamed dates to make balls, such as Wuzi.

Thirty pills per serving, hollow serving, salt soup sent down.

Chronic diarrhea.

Ranshi, lotus meat, Huai yam, white lentils are equally divided, ground into fine powder, 30-60 grams each time, steamed with white sugar for dessert.