[How much is yam]_Yam_Action_Efficacy

[How much is yam]_Yam_Action_Efficacy

Yam is one of the common ingredients in our daily life, and it is also very good for the body. The price of yam is very affordable today. Pay attention when picking yam. Don’t buy too thin when buying, it is best to use whiteHairless, this kind of delicious, if you want to buy as ingredients, you have to choose a little more white hair at the bottom.

Yam is almost delicious and has many benefits, some of which can prevent cardiovascular diseases, benefit lungs and cough, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and help digestion.


In the prevention of cardiovascular disease in winter, the indoor temperature difference is relatively large, and the short-term general overdose is one of the peak seasons of cardiovascular disease. Yam is rich in mucoproteins, vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent blood lipids from lining the blood vessel walls.Precipitation, prevention of heart and blood diseases, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and calming the mind, it is very suitable for eating in winter.


Invigorating the spleen and stomach, helping digestion reduce the amount of winter exercise unconsciously. In addition, because of the reduced speed, the number of body metabolism is reduced, and the frequency of eating hot pot in winter is increased, which will increase the probability of upper gastrointestinal diseases.

Yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

Absolute spleen-yang deficiency or stomach-yin deficiency can be eaten.

Clinically, it is often used in combination with high blood pressure drink to treat spleen and stomach weakness, eat less body tiredness, diarrhea and other complications, so soup in the winter, eating hot pot does not prevent the addition of yam.


Yifeizhike is dry and cold in winter, which hurts the lungs and throat greatly. In winter, it is easy for people to have dry throat or even pain. Yam contains saponin and mucus. Both of these ingredients have lubricating and moisturizing effects, so they canYifeiqi, Yangfeiyin, treatment of lung deficiency, phlegm, chronic cough and other symptoms.


Nourishing kidney and improving yam contains a variety of nutrients, which can strengthen the body and nourish kidney and essence.

Moreover, winter vegetables and fruits are relatively few and the price is relatively expensive. Edible yam can take in vitamins instead of vegetables and fruits, but yams must not be eaten with bananas, which can cause diarrhea.


Yam that lowers blood sugar contains mucoprotein, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar. Adding it to the usual dishes can also prevent the sudden rise in blood sugar caused by overeating, long-term consumption, and the role of diabetes.

Yam is eaten in a variety of ways, sweet and salty, soup and stir-fried, and glutinous and vegetarian.

Cut into small pieces and cook into sweet ravioli. The taste is crispy and smooth.