[Do you eat more red dates to gain weight?]_ Red dates_Obesity_Effect

[Do you eat more red dates to gain weight?]_ Red dates_Obesity_Effect

Red dates can enhance our resistance. Everyone knows that women often eat red dates for a lot of benefits. They can nourish qi and blood. Although red dates have high nutritional value, if you eat too much, you will still grow meat, but it ‘s good.By comparison, being fatter is fine.

1. Do you eat more red dates to gain weight? Because they contain protein, trace amounts, sugars, etc., eating too much will cause you to gain weight.

But there are more nutrients and more benefits. If you like to eat, it is recommended to eat more!

2.Enhance human immunity Jujube contains a large number of sugars, mainly glucose, but also fructose, sucrose, and oligosaccharides, arabinan, and galactin composed of glucose and fructose; and contains a large amount of vitamin C, Riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, nicotinic acid and other vitamins, have a supplemental nourishing effect, can improve the body’s immune function and enhance disease resistance.

3.Strengthen muscle strength and increase body weight. Experimental mice were perfused with jujube decoction daily for 3 weeks. The weight gain increased slightly, and the swimming time was slightly longer in the swimming test. This indicates that jujube has muscle enhancement.Power and weight gain.


Experiments have been performed to protect the liver. For rabbits with liver injury caused by carbon tetrachloride, jujube decoction was fed daily for 1 week. As a result, total serum albumin and albumin increased significantly, indicating that jujube has liver-protecting effects.

5.Anti-allergic jujube ethanol extract can inhibit the production of antibodies against specific reactive diseases, and it can also inhibit the reactive antibodies in mice, suggesting that jujube has anti-allergic effects.

6.The flavonoid-bis-glucoside A contained in the sedative Anshen jujube has sedative, hypnotic and hypotensive effects, and the isolated citron glucoside C sugars have central inhibitory effects, that is, reduce spontaneous exercise and stimulate reflex effects, tonicThe role of wood stiff, so jujube has soothing, calming power.

7.Anti-cancer, anti-mutation jujube contains a variety of three such compounds, of which linolic acid and phytic acid have been found to have anti-cancer activity and have an inhibitory effect on sarcoma S-180.

The nutrients contained in jujube can enhance the immune function of the human body, and have certain effects on preventing cancer, preventing cancer, and maintaining the functions of the human organs.