[Can Maternal Eating Tofu]_Tofu_Postpartum_Can I Eat

[Can Maternal Eating Tofu]_Tofu_Postpartum_Can I Eat

After giving birth to the child, the body needs nutrition, but it also needs to pay attention to a lot of things. It ca n’t be eaten casually, but the mother can eat tofu at all times. Do n’t worry about any harm to the body.Tofu, and the nutritional value of tofu is very high, it can also add due elements and nutrition.

After giving birth, the mother’s body is relatively weak. Nutritional supplementation can only increase the amount of milk, which is also beneficial to the growth and development of the baby. Tofu is very rich in various nutrients, and it is very beneficial for the mother to consume.

1. Do not eat more tofu, because too rich in protein will cause slow digestion and diarrhea and bloating.

Just eat a little at intervals.

2. Maternal mothers with iron deficiency anemia, kidney deficiency and indigestion should eat less tofu. Tofu will affect the body’s absorption of iron, and it is cold, and eating too much is bad for the stomach.

3. Do not eat tofu with spinach, bamboo shoots, celery and other vegetables with high oxalic acid. The calcium in tofu will be combined with oxalic acid and difficult to digest.

Before eating, you can boil the vegetables once to remove most of the oxalic acid.

4, fried tofu can not be eaten, the best cooking method is to cook and stew.

Foods related to tofu such as tofu brain, dried tofu, and tofu skin can be eaten by women, but the principle is the same: do not eat more.

5, tofu and vegetables, fungus eat together to prevent disease.

Tofu is relatively deficient in fiber, and eating tofu alone may cause constipation.

Green vegetables and fungus are rich in supplementary fiber, which can make up for this shortcoming of tofu.