[Do men watch pornography affect couple life]

[Do men watch pornography affect couple life]

Henan reader Li Guanglu asked: My husband and I have been married for more than two years. He has a hobby to watch more explicit pornography and sometimes asks me to watch it together.

But I think some of the shots in the film are difficult to accept and will reject him.

I read reports that watching pornography may cause psychological harm. Is it true?

Does husband watching pornography affect our married life?

Dai Junnan, Dean of the Institute of Psychology of the Church of Yosemite in Taiwan, replied: Most men prefer to watch pornographic videos, pornographic books, or go to similar websites.

Usually, this behavior will gradually decrease with the increase of age and experience, but some people not only do not converge, but intensify.

Many studies have found that obsessed with pornography can disrupt men’s reset periods.

The thinking period refers to the fact that men do not respond to sexual stimulation within the period after ejaculation.

This is a natural self-protection for men to ensure that they do not cause physical injury from continuous ejaculation.

If you watch porn often, the increase of time before and after may eventually lead to no sexual desire after being stimulated, and men who lose interest in normal sex life will inevitably destroy the relationship between husband and wife.

Therefore, I suggest that you appropriately advise your husband not to indulge in this. Generally, it takes 6-12 Wednesdays to quit porn.

Of course, if the husband only looks occasionally, it is normal behavior, and don’t interfere too much.