[Can you drink tea with a bad liver]_ Liver function _ Impact

[Can you drink tea with a bad liver]_ Liver function _ Impact

Drinking more tea is also proved to be a lifestyle that is very beneficial to the human body by modern medical research, because most teas contain substances that help the human body.

However, for some people who are in a special period of time, they cannot drink tea, such as women who are in the aunt period or people with other diseases.

Can a person drink tea if he has poor liver function?

1. Can you drink tea with a bad liver? Regarding tea drinking, experiments have shown that green tea has anticoagulant properties, prevents the accumulation of debris, and reduces white blood cell decline, such as promoting blood circulation and stasis.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “tea drink makes people think, less lying, light body, eyesight”, “please urinate, go hot.”

Liver disease is hot or hot and humid and heavy and heat is the main one. Tea can be used to relieve irritation and quench thirst, and relieve tiredness and refreshing.

So people with poor liver can drink tea appropriately.

2. People with poor liver need to pay attention to what liver disease and thirsty drinkers, drink a cup of green tea (or flower tea) in the morning and drink water one after another.

The morning tea concentration is high, refreshing.

Become white water in the afternoon to avoid nighttime insomnia and polyuria.

Normally, tea drinking should be suspended 1 hour before dinner, because drinking tea at this time will easily dilute stomach acid, which will prevent the digestion of stomach acid on food.

Don’t make tea too strong.

Tea drinking, like smoking, is addictive, the dose is getting larger and larger, but it is harmful to the human body, and it will lose the significance of tea drinking to the human body.

The content of tea in a day should not exceed 1000?
1500 liters. Do not use tea when taking western or traditional Chinese medicine.
Do not drink tea within 1 hour, because the residual acid in tea can chemically react with the drug, making the drug ineffective.

You can rinse your mouth with warm tea after every meal. The fluoride in tea is good for preventing dental caries.

The mechanical washing of tea can clean the residual food in the mouth and teeth, which can reduce disease and prevent bad breath.

3. What food is good for the liver?

1. Curry.

Curry is one of the most abundant foods containing curcumin.

Many studies have confirmed that curcumin has a high health value and has a significant effect on preventing dementia and fighting certain cancers.


2. Protein can repair the liver.

Eggs, tofu, milk, fish, chicken, sesame, pine nuts and other “high protein, low transfer” foods are favorite livers.

Function of protein: The rich protein in these foods is like the “maintenance worker” of the liver, which can play a role in repairing liver cells and promoting liver cell regeneration.


3. Sugar.

The function of sugar: Most people don’t know that sugar is an important substance to protect the liver.

Each gram of glucose can provide about 70% of the energy required by the human body. If a person is in a state of lack of energy for a long time, it will affect liver function.

Sugar can also synthesize a substance called liver glycogen, which is stored in the liver to prevent toxins in the body from damaging liver cells.