[What’s wrong with double yellow duck eggs]_cause_cause

[What’s wrong with double yellow duck eggs]_cause_cause

Usually when we eat eggs, we rarely get double yellow. If we accidentally encounter a double yellow egg, it will make people feel particularly excited. First of all, the double yellow egg is a special one. This is a special structure.Yes, the varieties of double yellow eggs are rare, so the price of double yellow eggs will also be more expensive. In addition to double yellow eggs, there are also double yellow duck eggs. The structural reasons for double yellow eggs come from these.

Causes of formation Double-yolk eggs are eggs with two yolks in one egg shell, which is usually larger than normal eggs.

Double yolk eggs are formed when two egg cells mature at the same time and separate the follicles and are divided into fallopian tubes, which are sequentially covered by proteins, shell membranes, and eggshells.

Sometimes even multiple egg cells mature at the same time and are put into the fallopian tube together, and become multiple yolk eggs.

This is similar to the process of forming human fraternal twins, and is therefore fundamentally different.

Fraternal twins are two different eggs fertilized by a female during ovulation and fertilized at the same time. Two different fertilized eggs are produced, which eventually develop into twins.

The egg cells in the double yolk egg are not fertilized, so they cannot hatch into small chicks.

Poultry double-yellow eggs are often associated with abundant food and strong bird bodies.

Dating back to 900 years ago, Qin Shaoyou, a well-known poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, gave his teacher and friend Su Dongpo, then the eunuch of Xuzhou, with duck egg feed.

More than 300 years ago, the great writer Yuan Mei visited Gaoyou and tasted Gaoyou duck eggs. His impression was very good. He left a record in the “Salted Eggs” section of his “Suiyuan Food Menu · Small Menu”: “Salted eggs are better in Gaoyou, The color is thin and oily.

During the feast, first grab the guests and put them on the plate.

Always cut the shell and use both yellow and white; don’t store yellow and white to make the taste incomplete and the oil scattered.

“The Gaoyou duck egg processing factory also started earlier. In the thirty years of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1905), the first egg company in Gaoyou, Yuyuan Egg Factory, came out.

In 1909, Gaoyou Shuanghuang duck eggs participated in the Nanyang Persuasion Association Chensai and gained international reputation. They were exported to the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other 10 countries and regions the following year.

Gaoyou Duck and Gaoyou Duck Eggs have a long-standing reputation and are enduring. The fundamental reason is that they have excellent quality and unique flavor.

Gaoyou duck is also known as a mallard because its female feathers are similar to sparrows. It has strong physique, strong adaptability, deep diving, good foraging of live food, combined use of eggs and meat, and low fecal content.

Made of salted duck, sweet-scented osmanthus duck, lute duck, crispy duck, braised duck with different flavors.

In particular, the explanation of “Laoya Tang”, which is cool in nature, is accompanied by Chinese medicinal materials such as Shenqi, which is a tonic for winter men. Therefore, it has become a traditional dish.

Gaoyou ducks have many eggs, large heads, and a large proportion of yolks. Dragons are famous for their double-yellow eggs.

The egg quality of the egg can be “fresh, fine, tender”, and the yolks “red, sand, oil” overlap. Wang Zengqi’s “Hometown Food” once described the shape and description of the gods: “Once the sea was hard to find water, the salted duck eggs in other countries, I really look down.
“” Hegou port, lakes and beaches, and ubiquitous high-quality water resources are natural breeding grounds for Gaoyou ducks.

Various small animals that float on the surface and inhabit underwater provide the most delicious “live food” for Gaoyou ducks.

This also provides unique natural conditions for the development of ecological duck farming and the development of green products.

Red Sun, Sanhu, Qinyou and many other high-quality brands that have gained popularity and well-known trademarks and green food logos.

Gaoyou people not only cultivated Gaoyou duck and double yellow eggs, but also created a rich duck culture.

In the 1950s, Gaoyou folk singer Xia Guozhen’s Gaoyou folk song “Counting Duck Eggs” shook Kyoto with his humorous, brisk melody and rich countryside, which received praise from Premier Zhou Enlai.

Gaoyou duck is a business card for Gaoyou people.

“Unknown Gaoyou people, the Prophet Gaoyou Egg.”

As the image ambassador of Gaoyou, Gaoyou Duck and Double Yellow Egg have been famous local souvenirs for tribute to the court and gifts to relatives and friends since ancient times.

Product Features Gaoyou duck eggs are refined and processed with delicious flavors and unique flavors. They have six characteristics: pine, sand, oil, fine, fresh and tender.

Product varieties The main product varieties are: double yellow salted eggs, Songhua eggs, vacuum packaged cooked salted duck eggs and so on.