[Dry mouth and mouth after drinking barley red bean porridge]_ dry mouth _ cause

[Dry mouth and mouth after drinking barley red bean porridge]_ dry mouth _ cause

Dry mouth and tongue coating is a condition that many people often have, and there are many causes of dry tongue coating. Its main symptom is to feel the moisture in your mouth, but there is a dry mouth when you drink too much water.This feeling.

And depending on the cause of each person’s disease, different solutions can be found, and some people feel dry after eating red bean barley, so what should we do at this time?

1. There are many reasons for good dry mouth, some are caused by bad diet, mental and living habits, some diseases; some can be relieved in a short time, and some are chronic obstructive diseases.

It is recommended that people often drink water to relieve dry mouth discomfort.

This can restore the effect to those who drink too little water or lose too much water, but it is difficult to work for dry mouth caused by various diseases.

On the contrary, it often increases the burden on the kidneys due to too much drinking water. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination when the dry mouth cannot be recovered in a short time.If your body drains more water and hurts normal water, replace the dry mouth.

Guidance: In this case, don’t drink these red rice and red beans.

Unless you have white tongue coating and tooth marks, drink plenty of hot water or stop.

3. It is related to indigestion. Because the body’s stomach fire may affect digestion, there may be such problems. Guidance: You can stop using it, or use it every other day. Pay attention to exercise and eat less at night. Pay attention to your mood.Exercise 4 more, consider that there is anger, dry mouth is also affected by the ambient temperature, a small amount of food and so on.

For this situation, guidance: You can use Niuhuang Jiedu tablets to clear the heat, usually you can use some Ophiopogon or Guigan to soak water to drink Shengjin to improve dry mouth, and avoid eating spicy and irritating food,