[Bleeding after sex]_ bleeding during intercourse _ intercourse _ cause _ inducement

[Bleeding after sex]_ bleeding during intercourse _ intercourse _ cause _ inducement

There may be many cases of bleeding during sexual intercourse, and some newlyweds will be more or less nervous or overwhelmed during sexual intercourse, so they will also hurt the bride’s vagina and cause bleeding.For the body, the so-called bleeding may be a rupture of the hymen. For married women, bleeding after intercourse, we must consider whether there is a gynecological disease, it is best to go to the hospital to check.

Causes of bleeding after intercourse: 1.

First of all, vaginal bleeding after sex is a symptom of early cervical erosion, and you should go to the hospital for a thorough examination.

If so, do physical therapy.

But since your girlfriend has never had a baby, it is best to listen to the doctor’s advice to change to other treatments.


There are many causes of bleeding, which may be inflammation, excessive force, or early symptoms of cervical cancer.

So be sure to go to the hospital.


The causes of vaginal bleeding after intercourse are very complicated, so be sure to go to a gynecologist to check it carefully.

If the problem does not occur, think of the man’s possibility of urogenital diseases, such as seminal vesiculitis, urinary stones or tuberculosis.

The difference is to wear a condom the next time you have sex, and check the semen in the case after the sex. If there is blood, the man should further diagnose and treat. Sometimes, cervical cancer can easily cause bleeding in the same room.Wait.

It is not enough to have anti-inflammatory needles after bleeding in the same room. You need to go to the hospital for a diagnosis. If the condition is serious, you can choose a minimally invasive one-time surgery.

Cervical disease is prone to canceration if it is not cured for a long time.

If you have bleeding after intercourse, don’t panic or be too nervous first. Pay attention to the amount and color of bleeding. If it is bleeding caused by intense sexual intercourse, it is better to pay attention to the degree and posture.Pay attention to going to the hospital for examination in time. If the hymen is broken, then pay attention to take a good rest.